More Scientist Interviews

These articles appear in the "First Person" section of The Scientist magazine.  Each article is about the life of a scientist as told by that scientist.  Click on the link to see the full text article from The Scientist magazine.

Scientist Description
Claire Fraser Besides the fact that she is married to a famous person, she herself has done some pretty famous work in the area of genomic research.  See what Claire has to say about her exciting life as a scientist!
Sean B. Carroll He not only loves his job in developmental biology, but this casual guy also loves rock n' roll and dredging for shark teeth.  Want to know more about a regular guy who loves his job?
Anthony S. Fauci Fauci is one busy guy!  As director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease, he has a lot of controversial problems to fix.  Take a peek into the life of this guy if you ever want an important, busy life.  
Leland Hartwell This Nobel Prize winner is all but boring.  Hartwell does research on the cell cycle of cancer cells during the work week and drives his metallic green 1949 Mercury, modeled after James Dean's car in the movie Rebel Without a Cause, on the weekends.
Stephen Wolfram Have you ever wanted to see what a genius looks like?  Wolfram was a child genius, getting his Ph.D. at the young age of 20.  He's a complicated thinker who's mind is involved in complex mathematical equations that he fits to the biological sciences. Take a look at this article, maybe you are a genius too!
Elizabeth Blackburn Not all scientists are good girls!  Blackburn started out her scientific life at an early age, making small bombs to blow up in the classroom for fun.  She uses her energy is a more constructive way now with her work on telomeres and the enzyme telomerase.   
Rita Colwell Colwell has wanted to be a scientist since she was a little girl and she finally accomplished her dream.  As the head of the National Science Foundation and boat racer, this woman has a lot to do!
Josef Penninger Penninger is a soccer playing, baby-diaper changing, molecular geneticist.  How's that for a combination of skills?!  This down-to-earth Austrian thinks of cellular parts as a combination of Legos.  See, science can be simple!
Susan Lindquist She likes to tango and give talks about balancing career and family.  Lindquist isn't a socialite by trade.  Rather, she is a molecular biologist, geneticist, and head of a prestigious biomedical research firm.  

Tak Mak

Cooking sushi and playing golf isn't all that Mak can do.  He is one of the most cited scientists of our time and has done some pretty amazing work with mice genetics.

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