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Virtual Scientists' Presentations

Select from the list below the environmental health presentation you would like to view.  The "High Bandwidth" option on the health presentations has a video with an integrated PowerPoint presentation and the "Low Bandwidth" is video only.  If you have problems viewing the "High Bandwidth" presentation, please select "Low Bandwidth."
Environmental Health Presentations Description of Presentations
African Wildlife Conservation
By Dr. James Derr   (18 minutes)
                        Variable Bandwidth
The presentation provides information on African Wildlife Conservation efforts.
Anatomy and Physiology
By Dr. Larry Johnson   (48 minutes)
                        Variable Bandwidth
The presentation provides an overview of anatomy and physiology.  The different kinds of tissues and systems and their structures and functions in the human body and other living organisms are discussed.
By Dr. Mark Holtzapple   (28 minutes)
                       High Bandwidth    
Energy is the possible solution for reducing various problems such as water, food, environment, poverty, war, disease, education, democracy, and population.
Inquiry Learning
By Dr. William Klemm    
                        Part 1      (16 min.)
                        Part 2      (17 min.)
Part 1:  What Scientists Are Like: Common Misperceptions - This video presents one scientist's impression of what the scientists are like that he has known over the last 50 years.
Part 2:  Inquiry Learning: How Scientists Think - The description should be: "This video summarizes the scientific method in terms of how scientists generate, approach, and study problems. Other features include discussion of three common interpretation errors and the role of theories in science.
Introduction to Toxicology
           By Dr. Larry Johnson    (36 minutes)
                        Variable Bandwidth
History of toxicological events leading to current studies and current regulatory agencies, toxicology terms and concepts from a fun approach, major effects of toxicants and organ damage, routes and sources of toxicant, and careers in toxicology.
Memory Medic
By Dr. William Klemm   (8 minutes)
                        Variable Bandwidth
Dr. William Klemm discusses how he became interested in the subject of memory and becoming a neuroscientist, and discusses his new e-book entitled, "Better Grades, Less Effort" which deals with practical techniques on improving long-term memory which helps students make better grades.
Science and Careers in Science
By Dr. Larry Johnson   (28 minutes)
                        Variable Bandwidth
This presentation defines science, discusses scientific method, and explores careers in science.  Several different careers in science are highlighted such as pharmacology, veterinary medicine, and medical research. The many benefits of having a career in science are also discussed.
Scientific Method
By Dr. William Klemm     (21 min.)
                        Variable Bandwidth
Discussion of scientific method including hypotheses, experimental design, interpretation of results, and the drawing of conclusions.

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