PEER Curricula

Explore the lives and accomplishments of important scientists! From ordinary childhoods to extraordinary discoveries, find out what you might have in common with these famous scientists!

Scientist Research Area Accomplishments
William Beaumont
[Organ Systems]
was the first person to observe human digestion as occurs in the stomach
Claude Bernard
[Organ Systems]
as the father of experimental physiology, he made major discoveries on functions of the liver and pancreas… also discovered functional junctions between muscle and nerve
Melvin Calvin
proved how plants use light, water, and carbon dioxide to make sugars, which in turn can be used to make other compounds needed for plant life
Walter Cannon
[Organ Systems]
discovered many of the ways that allow the internal workings of warm-blooded animals to remain more or less constant (homeostasis)
Rachel Carson
Marine biology
wrote "Silent Spring," the book that had a great impact on the environmental protection movement
James Danielli
Are Us]
developed the idea of facilitated transport across membranes as well as the Davson-Danielli membrane model
Stephen Jay Gould
(1941 -2002)
recognized for his contributions to evolutionary theory and the philosophy and history of science
William Harvey
[Organ Systems]
developed an accurate theory of how the heart and circulatory system operated
Thomas Huxley
Natural selection 
sold the idea of evolution and helped reform English science to make positions and funding based on merit.
Hans Krebs
are Us]
discovered the citric acid cycle (Krebs Cycle), the major source of energy in living organisms, and his studies of intermediary metabolism
Gregor Mendel
Are Us]
is recognized as the founder of genetics, he discovered the basic principles of genetics through studying peas in his garden
Peter Medawar
[Organ Systems]
worked on tissue transplantation which eventually helped make organ transplants possible
Linus Pauling
Are Us]
his interest were in the field of molecular structure and the nature of the chemical bonds in complex substances