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This activity is designed to allow students to examine the impact of smoking. Students should use information from this unit as well as other resources to find the answers.
Smoking Q&A Handout
Use the Q&A Handout to answer the following questions!

1. Why is smoking hazardous?

2. Do "snuff" and chewing tobacco contain nicotine? What about irritants and carcinogens? Are these hazardous?

3. What is meant by "addiction"?

4. Are cigars and pipes more hazardous than cigarettes? Why or why not?

5. Can you reduce the chance of lung diseases? If so, how?

6. Why do some scientists believe that secondhand smoke is more dangerous than smoking a regular cigarette?

7. Does cigarette smoke contribute to air pollution? If so, How?

8. How does smoking change the way the body works? Is this good or bad?

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