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Activity 5: Dissection of Digestive Tracts

This activity involves dissecting the digestive tract. 
  • a digestive tract for digestion - consult teacher

  • rubber gloves to protect against any infection the animal might have had

  • scissors, knife or scalpel, smocks/aprons, trays

Activity 5 Journal Page

Before you start, you might want to take an Internet dissection tour of the frog. Click here.

There are also electronic dissection systems that charge a fee. They have more features than the free system above. You may want to check the following sites: (virtual cutting blade, sound effects) (add or substract organs with a mouse click; built-in quizzes) (virtual reality cutting blade) (combines physiology and anatomy) (basic and advanced levels of dissection)


Following the Tract

Beginning with the esophagus, note the following structures, in order:

  • stomach
  • small intestine
  • pancreas
  • liver
  • large intestine
  • colon
  • anus

Cut into each section along the tract to note the different internal structures.

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