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Activity 3:

This activity focuses on key concepts from the "Common Hazards" section. Students will reflect on the nature of stomach ulcers and the bacteria that cause them. Questions may be completed using the Activity 3 Journal Page and information from the unit.

Activity 3 Journal Page (right mouse click and select "open in a new window" to open as a MS Word document)

Ulcers & Bacteria of Digestion
Answer the following questions about information from this unit.

1. Can you think of what would eventually happen to the stomach if an ulcer was left untreated?

2. Can you think of how an antibiotic kills only bacteria but not the cells in your body? What structural feature might be different in bacteria than in your cells?

3. Speculate on why the ulcer-causing bacteria can survive in your stomach, but not other types of bacteria. What condition exists in the stomach that the ulcer causing bacteria would have to withstand?



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