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Activity 2:

This activity encourages students to think about different parts of the digestive processes. It reinforces key ideas and gives students an opportunity to illustrate what they have learned through the unit.

Activity 2 Journal Page (right mouse click and select "open in a new window" to open as a MS Word document)

Reflecting on Digestion: Structures & Processes
Answer the following questions about information from this unit, recording your responses on the Activity 2 Journal Page.

1. How would an individual have to alter their eating habits if a large portion of the stomach were removed?

2. A person with anemia has a low red blood cell count. One type of anemia is pernicious anemia, which occurs when an individual doesn't have a sufficient amount of vitamin B12. Why would people who have had either their stomach or the end of their small intestine removed develop pernicious anemia? Is vitamin B12 essential in your diet or can your body make it on its own?

3. Why don't you get sick from your own fecal bacteria? Describe some ways your body protects you from consuming bacteria.

4. Imagine if your liver stopped secreting bile. Describe the consequences by applying what you have read about the liver and bile.



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