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What can concentrations in water tell us? (Continued)

Answer:  3 g/L -  Now that wasn't so hard, was it?
(Show how you got your answer on a piece of paper.)

Here's another way to look at concentration:
If we put the same amount of Cherry Kool-Aid in an unknown amount of water (for example, a fish tank) and mixed the Kool-Aid into solution, how could we know the volume of the water in the fish tank?  To find that out, you could take a small sample of the solution and measure the concentration of the red dye. 

Then you could use the formula  v = m / c  to calculate the amount of water in the fish tank. 

Since   c = m / v, 
then  c * v = m  
and    v = m / c

Brain Twister:
If you measure the concentration (c) of the Red Dye #40 to be 0.17 mg/L, what would the volume of the fish tank be?


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