Monitoring Contaminant Transport in a Small Urban Pond

This was a project carried out by Phil Scanlon, a postgraduate student in Environmental Engineering.

Between 1996 and 1998, a pond in Streeton Views Estate was studied to learn about how contaminants were transported with the water that flows through the pond during storms.

a photo of phil
This is a photo of Phil taking some measurements in the pond.

Streeton Views Pond

Streeton Views is a housing estate developed in 1994 on land that used to be part of the Simpson Army Barracks in Watsonia. A small pond, which usually holds about 1,000,000 liters of water, is part of the estate's drainage system.

view of park
This is a view of Streeton Views Pond.

view of pond
And this is another from the water's edge, looking across the pond to the inlet where water flows into the pond.

Rainwater collected from roofs and roads is carried by gutters and pipes to the ponds inlet. Water flows out of the pond into more pipes, and eventually flows into the Plenty River.

Source:  08/10/2001

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