As part of the project, a special dye that can be measured with an instrument called a fluorometer was added to the water flowing into the pond when it rained.

Adding Dye
adding dye
Premixed dye was added in a 30 sec "slug"

Grab sampling in the pond
Samples of the water were taken from different locations in the pond to measure the concentration of dye.

In the middle from a boat
from the boat

From the bank
from the bank

Taking samples of water flowing out of the pond was a bit lonely!
at the outlet

Measuring the dye concentration
The dye concentration of these samples was measured using a fluorometer at the university.

at the university

Automatic measurement of the dye

Water was also pumped from two locations at the pond through two fluorometers to automatically measure the dye concentration.

the fluorometer

You can see the hoses from the pond to the fluorometers in the picture below. A computer was used to automatically record the measured concentrations.

the fluorometer

A view from above

During one experiment a video camera was suspended from a helium blimp to videotape the dye moving through the pond.

the blimp

Source:  08/10/2001

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