Water Quality Image Map

TEKS for Middle School Science
How the TEKS are Integrated into the Lesson
(6.2) (7.2) (8.2) The student collects data through observations and measurements to analyze and interpret information useful in constructing reasonable explanations from indirect evidence

During the Presentation, students will learn the similarity between how sugar or salt retains its taste when dissolved in water and the trapping of oxygen in water by three different ways- aeration of water, waste products of plants and diffusion from the surrounding air

(6.4) (7.4) (8.4) The student knows how to use a variety of tools and methods to construct science inquiry

Through the Activity students will collect, analyze and record information using tools such as beakers, hot plates and thermometers. Students will also be able to record their observations based on the behavioral predictions of organisms in different oxygen levels

(8.11) The student will identify that changes in environmental conditions can affect the survival of species Through the Introduction, students will learn how a catfish found in the bayou cannot tolerate the DO (Dissolved Oxygen) found in white water and trout living in white water cannot tolerate low DO (Dissolved Oxygen) levels of the bayou
(7.12) The students will learn how different environments support different varieties of organisms

Through the Presentation, students will learn the importance of DO (Dissolved Oxygen) in aquatic environments

TEKS for Middle School Mathematics
How the TEKS are Integrated into the Lesson
(6.11) (7.13) (8.14) The student applies Grade 6 mathematics to solve problems connected to everyday experiences, investigations in other disciplines, and activities in and outside of school.

Through the Activity, students will use tools such as paper/pencil, and technology to solve problems and make predictions.

(8.5) The student uses graphs and table to make predictions. Through the Presentation, the student will observe a graph and learn how temperature changes can affect the dissolved oxygen in a water body.
Through the Activity, students will use a table to make predictions on the behavioral changes in Goldfish due to changes in the amount of dissolved oxygen in a water body.
TEKS for Middle School Technology
How the TEKS are Integrated into the Lesson

(1) Foundations
The student demonstrates knowledge and appropriate use of hardware components, software programs, and their connections.

Throughout the lesson, students will use terminology including, but not limited to, World Wide Web (WWW), link, Internet, Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), and web page.

(2) Foundations
The student uses data input skills appropriate to the task.

Students will demonstrate proficient use of the mouse and keyboard, as they navigate through the lesson and related web pages.

(3) Foundations
The student complies with the laws and examines the issues regarding the use of technology in society.

While following links on the Internet and using the World Wide Web (WWW), the student will demonstrate proper etiquette and knowledge of acceptable computer use in the classroom or lab.

(4) Communication
The student forms digital information for appropriate and effective communication

The students are expected to fill out the activity sheets provided which could be useful in communicating their information on the behavioral patterns of organisms in different oxygen levels.