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Water quality is more than meets the eye.  Some properties are invisible.  Here you'll learn how to measure five of them.

The activities in this module revolve around water quality.

Hazards Index: an index of common toxic hazards that are explained in the various instructional units including the other online curriculum modules outside of the Toxic or Not module.

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Measuring Water Quality

This module will focus on five different measurable properties of water. Determining the quality of water involves more than observing its color and sensing its odor. The properties or characteristics of water in a river or lake can be affected by man, weather, time, and animals or plants within the water.

Each lesson within this module has six sections:


First we'll start with some examples.
These portray what you'll learn in this lesson.
This is a short quiz to see how much you already know.
Lesson Presentation
Here you'll learn the main facts and why they are important.
This is YOUR opportunity to be a scientist.  You'll do your own experiments and record the results.
This is a short quiz to determine how much you learned in the lesson and the activity.