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Post-test Questions for "To Solve or Not to Dissolve"


Circle the best answer for each of the following questions:


1.              Exposure to Solvents could cause:


A.            Leg pain

B.             Headache

C.             Loss of Hair


2.              Common use of solvents is:


A.            Dissolve things

B.             Kill pests


3.       Todd and Patricia put new wallpaper with glue on their front room. Patricia started having headache. What chemical did she get exposed to?


A.            Pesticides

B.             Solvents

C.             Plasticizers

D.            Radionuclides


4.       Mr. Thomas had a small workshop on top of his underground water tank where he used to degrease the metal parts of some tools. While doing his work he would spill small quantities of degreasers. The family used the water from the underground water tank as the source of water. Mrs. Thomas was getting headache every time she took bath. How did the chemical enter her body (circle the best answer)?


A.            Ingestion of water while taking bath

B.             Inhalation of chemical while taking bath

C.             Through contact of the contaminated water on the skin

D.            All of the above

E.             None of the above

5.              Solvents evaporate in air.


A.      True

B.      False