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Treatment for pesticide poisoning

If you are exposed to pesticides it is important to receive medical treatment as soon as possible.  If you have received a high dose of a pesticide death can occur within 24 hours.  In most cases, a physician can administer drugs that can counteract the effects of the pesticide.

Another important thing to remember about pesticide poisoning is that it takes a while for acetylcholinesterase to return to its normal levels in the blood.  If you are exposed to a second dose of pesticide (even if it is a low dose) shortly after being exposed to a previous low dose, the second dose will affect your body in the same way as a high dose of pesticide.

Decreasing your risk of exposure to pesticides

It is important to remember that you can be exposed to pesticides by eating fresh fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides.  Always wash or peel fresh fruits and vegetables before you eat them.

Also, be aware that many pesticides can enter the body just as easily through the lungs and skin as they can through the digestive system.  If you must use pesticides (as an adult -- young people and pets should never be exposed to pesticides) remember to cover your skin and wear an approved breathing device.  Remove all your clothes carefully and shower immediately after applying any pesticide.

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