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Post-test Questions for "Invisible Intruders"


Circle the best answer for each of the following questions:



1.              Consider yourself as the local county health inspector. On the 21st of March you were informed that 5 patients with Legionnaires disease were admitted in the Local county hospital.  When you checked on the 23rd of March you found out that the number of patients admitted with Legionnaires disease is 10.  What conclusion would you draw?


A.            Transmission rate has increased.

B.             Transmission rate has decreased.

C.             There is no change in the transmission rate.

D.            None of the above.


2.              You are a hospital lab technician. You get some stool sample for analysis. They had a rice water appearance. What disease would come to your mind?


A.            Salmonellosis

B.             Meningitis

C.             Cholera

D.            Tuberculosis


3.              Tom caught an infection on the 20th of September after he ate food at a local restaurant. He was all right till 24th of September. He got nausea, vomiting and diarrhea on the 24th of September. The incubation period is:


A.            2 days

B.             3 days

C.             4 days

D.            5 days


4.              Stephanie came to the children’s hospital on the 10th of July.  She had an itchy rash, which then formed into blisters that dried and became scabs in 4-5 days. She could be having which of the following disease.


A.            Influenza

B.             Chickenpox

C.             Tuberculosis

D.            Diphtheria


5.              What microorganism causes food poisoning?


A.            Corynebacterium diphtheria

B.             Neisseria meningitidis

C.             Varicella-Zoster

D.            Staphylococcus aureus


6.              AIDS spreads from one person to another through (circle all that is applicable):


A.            Food

B.             Water

C.             Sexual contact

D.            Sharing needles

E.             Sitting on the same table


7.              Which of the following is the property of infectious agent (circle the best answer)?

A.            Ability to reproduce.

B.             Ability to be transmitted to the host.

C.             Ability to cause disease.

D.            All of the above


8.              The time interval from initial infection until the start of infectiousness. is called______


A.            Incubation period

B.             Latent period

C.             Infectious period

D.            Interval period


9.              Transmission through human-to-human contact is which mode of transmission?


A.            Direct

B.             Vector

C.             All of the above

D.            None of the above


10.           Clostridium botulinum outline causes which of the following illness?


A.            Tuberculosis

B.             Cholera

C.             Food poisoning

D.            Influenza


11.           Influenza virus gets transmitted through respiratory droplets


A.            True

B.             False


12            Itchy rash is formed on the body when you get which of the following disease?


A.            Tuberculosis

B.             Chicken pox

C.             Hepatitis

D.            Influenza