Let's Make a Meal!

Joe has high blood pressure and his doctor wants him to reduce his salt intake.  Select from the menus below the six foods that are highest in salt (greater than 300 mgs) so he can eliminate them from his diet.

Breakfast Menu

Buttered wheat toast (2 slices w/1 tablespoon of butter)
Fried eggs (2 eggs)
Fried bacon (3 slices, fried)
Orange juice (1 cup)

Lunch Menu

Hamburger (with everything on it) - Fast Food
French fries (Large) - Fast Food
Eskimo pie (1 bar)
Root beer soda (16 oz.)

Supper Menu

Fried chicken breast (1 piece) - Fast Food
Baked potato with sour cream and butter
Steamed broccoli (without salt)
Strawberry ice cream (1/2 cup)

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