Substance Abuse (Alcohol, page 2)

Chronic alcohol toxicity occurs as a result of prolonged, heavy drinking (an average of three or more servings of alcohol per day).  Chronic heavy drinking are susceptible to alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver, kidney disease, pancreatitis, brain damage, ulcers, malnourishment, increased blood pressure and various types of cancer7.  

Healthy Liver Liver Cirrhosis

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome occurs when a pregnant women drinks alcohol, causing their developing child to drink as well.  Exposure of the fetus (the developing baby still inside its mother is called a fetus) to alcohol may cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, the leading known cause of mental and physical birth defects. Defects include brain damage, facial deformities, growth deficits, heart, liver, and kidney defects also are common, as well as vision and hearing problems. Individuals with FAS have difficulties with learning, attention, memory, and problem solving. As many as 12,000 infants are born each year with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome8.

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