Risk Taking

Hazardous Occupations

Many occupations require frequent risk taking as part of the job. Choosing a safe occupation can significantly decrease your chance of injury or death. The following table from the US Department of Labor lists the ten most dangerous jobs in America and the leading cause of death for each job.

The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs


Leading Cause of Death

1. Timber Cutters

 Struck by Object

2. Fishermen


3. Airplane Pilots

 Airplane Crashes

4. Structural Metal Workers


5. Drivers-Sales Workers

 Vehicular accidents

6. Roofers


7. Electric Power Installers/Repairers


8. Farm Occupations

 Vehicular accidents

9. Construction Workers  

Vehicular accidents,  Falls

10. Truck Driver

 Highway Crashes  

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; survey of occupations with minimum 30 fatalities and 45,000 workers in 2002

Hey!! Did you know that motorcycle couriers in London (England) and explosive ordinance detonators are considered to be the two most dangerous jobs in the world?!

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