There are other diet-related diseases besides those caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies as discussed in the Toxic or Not module.

The lifestyle factors that affect health are the behaviors of the person.  Behavioral activities such as cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol intake and an unbalanced diet help to determine a person's health. 

Nutrition & Exercise

One billion people across the world are now overweight or obese, leading to fears that obesity will rapidly overtake smoking tobacco as the leading lifestyle risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

Overweight usually refers to an excess in body weight compared to certain standards.  This excess weight could be due to an excess in muscle mass, bone, fat and/or body water.  Obesity, however, refers to an abnormal excess in body fat.  A person can be overweight but not obese, as in the case of an athlete or body builder with a lot of muscles.  However most people are overweight due to obesity.

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