A Hazard is any physical, biological or chemical agent that poses a threat to human health. You can get exposed to hazards due to the way you live, the job you do, or the environment you are surrounded by.

This "Properties of Hazards" module has five instructional units. Follow the links above in order. Each lesson contains study material for one day. Learn more about just how close you are to environmental health hazards and how they can affect you.

Hazards can be classified into several categories and have different routes of exposure as indicated by the graph below. These hazards are covered in the five lessons above.


Hazards Index: an index of common toxic hazards that are explained in the various instructional units including the other online curriculum modules outside of the Properties of Hazards.


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This module focuses on  different types of hazards that we can get exposed to in our daily life. The different hazards have been defined and further classified. The website gives detailed description of their properties, source, route of exposure and the adverse health effects that they produce.

Each lesson has the following sections:

"Introduction" - introduces each of our modules, explaining the focus of each lesson.

• "Pre-test" - where you tell us what you know before the lesson begins! Access through teacher pages.

• "Lesson" - presents all the facts, figures, and examples for the unit.

• "Activity" - includes interactive cases to solve!

• "Post-test" - helps to assess what you have learned from the unit. Access through teacher pages.

• "Teacher's Notes" - includes information about science standards and hints about using the modules in your classroom! Also here are pre- and post-lesson tests (downloadable MS Word files).