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Pre-test Questions for "You Are What You Eat"

Circle the BEST answer for each of the following questions:

1. Some vitamins must be added to your diet because_____.

A. they make the food safer for you to eat
B. vitamins from plants are better for you
C. the body cannot make them on its own
D. the digestive system turns the vitamins on so that they work better
E. we need them to help digest the food in which they are contained

2. The ability of an organism to change itself to adjust for changes in the outside
world is termed _____.

A. dynamic balance
B. homeostasis
C. immunostasis
D. positive feedback
E. thermoregulation

3. Which vitamin can be formed in your body from sunlight?

A. vitamin A
B. vitamin B1
C. vitamin C
D. vitamin D
E. vitamin E

4. A good source of vitamin C is _____.

A. beef
B. dairy products
C. fruit
D. nuts
E. sunlight

5. Mrs. Jones is pregnant. A routine ultrasonic examination reveals the forming
baby may have spina bifida (a problem with the spinal cord). If the baby indeed
has this problem, which of the following was Mrs. Jones lacking from her diet?

A. biotin
B. folate
C. selenium
D. chromium
E. iron

6. Goiter is often associated with _____.

A. chloride deficiency
B. fluoride deficiency
C. iron overdose
D. magnesium overdose
E. iodine deficiency

7. Abnormal growth and development can be associated with _____.

A. carbohydrate deficiency
B. protein deficiency
C. increased fat consumption
D. increased protein consumption
E. increased carbohydrate consumption

8. Which of the following have high amount of protein?

A. oranges
B. bananas
C. pecans
D. tomatoes
E. none of these are high in protein