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Post-test Questions for "You Are What You Eat"

Circle the BEST answer for each of the following questions:

1. An organism's ability to adjust to changes in the outside world is _____.

A. constant
B. increasing with age
C. limited
D. not well understood
E. unlimited

2. Which of the following is NOT a vitamin?

A. biotin
B. pantothenic acid
C. selenium
D. vitamin E
E. vitamin K

3. A good source of iodine is_____.

A. drinking water
B. beef
C. seafood
D. chicken
E. whole grains

4. Nuts are a good source of _____.

A. biotin
B. riboflavin
C. vitamin A
D. vitamin C
E. vitamin K

5. Deficiencies in vitamins B6, B12, and copper and iron can all lead to _____.

A. anemia
B. beri beri
C. low blood protein
D. goiter
E. diabetes

6. Increased tooth decay is often associated with _____.

A. chloride deficiency
B. fluoride deficiency
C. iron overdose
D. magnesium overdose
E. iodine deficiency

7. Which of the following statements concerning dietary fats is TRUE?

A. fat is not a required nutrient
B. fats are the basic building blocks for the body
C. fat contains twice as much energy as carbohydrates
D. fats need to be broken down into glucose before they can be used
E. fats are found in animal products, but not in plant products

8. Which of the following cells in your body cannot be replaced?

A. blood cells
B. kidney cells
C. liver cells
D. nerve cells
E. skin cells