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Pre-test Questions for "More Than Skin Deep"

Circle the BEST answer for each of the following questions:

1. Children are more susceptible to toxins entering through the _____ than adults,
because _____.

A. skin; their skin is thinner
B. mouth; they play outside more
C. lungs; they breathe more air
D. blood; they get more cuts and scrapes
E. nose; their noses are smaller

2. If a pesticide is lethal to pests, then it may be _____ adults and _____children.

A. safe for; toxic to
B. toxic to; safe for
C. safe for; safe for
D. toxic to; toxic to
E. safe for; unpredictable in

3. In general, when a person is exposed to insecticides they develop problems
with the _____.

A. kidneys
B. nervous system
C. skin
D. lungs
E. endocrine system

4. A pesticide that causes garlic odor of the breath, a metallic taste in the mouth,
plus diarrhea and vomiting may contain _____.

A. aluminum
B. arsenic
C. nicotine
D. organophosphates
E. zinc

5. Bubonic plague can be carried by _____.

A. fleas
B. flies
C. lice
D. mosquitoes
E. ticks

6. Which of the following can be controlled by the following proper food handling
and sanitation guidelines?

A. cryptosporidium parvum
B. lyme disease
C. malaria
D. typhus
E. West Nile fever

7. Which of the following pests can be controlled by routine bathing and washing
of clothes and bedding?

A. fleas
B. horse flies
C. lice
D. mosquitoes
E. ticks

8. Cryptosporidium parvum, cyclospora, and Giardia lamblia all affect the _____.

A. brain
B. digestive system
C. heart
D. lungs
E. skin

9. Sun damage is due to the Sun's _____.

A. heat
B. gamma ray radiation
C. infrared radiation
D. ultraviolet radiation
E. x-rays

10. Who of the following is least susceptible to sun damage?

A. a child under 6 months of age
B. a dark-skinned person
C. a light-skinned person
D. a person living at high altitudes
E. a person living on the beach

11. Which of the following is NOT a good method of protecting yourself
against the development of sun exposure related cataracts?

A. sunscreen
B. sunglasses
C. hat with brim
D. staying inside
E. avoiding highly reflective environments

12. Which of the following would have the highest reflection of UVR?

A. grassy field
B. pine forest
C. asphalt parking lot
D. snowy field
E. football field