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Post-test Questions for "Who are Sam and Ella"

Circle the BEST answer for each of the following questions:

1. If food is to be served hot, it needs to be kept at _____ or higher.

A. 40 degrees Fahrenheit
B. 80 degrees Fahrenheit
C. 100 degrees Fahrenheit
D. 140 degrees Fahrenheit
E. 180 degrees Fahrenheit

2. By practicing food safety, we _____.

A. destroy toxic agents or toxic substances from that which contaminates our environment
B. minimize the risk of toxic agents or toxic substances entering our digestive system
C. minimize the risk of inhalation of certain toxic agents that are released when cooking
D. eliminate exposure to toxic plants and animals
E. reduce the toxicity of several compounds by converting them to non-toxic compounds

3. Toxic substances that may be found in foods are composed mainly of _____.

A. food additives and viruses
B. bacteria and chemicals
C. food additives and chemicals
D. bacteria and viruses
E. bacteria and food additives

4. When cooking food, it is important to get the temperature above _____.

A. 105 degrees Fahrenheit
B. 145 degrees Fahrenheit
C. 165 degrees Fahrenheit
D. 185 degrees Fahrenheit
E. 215 degrees Fahrenheit

5. Chemicals such as sulfites are found in foods _____.

A. as preservatives
B. if they are undercooked
C. if accidentally contaminated when cleaning
D. as a result of improper cooling
E. as a result of spoilage

6. Lead can cause _____ and possibly _____.

A. convulsions; asthma
B. problems with the blood carrying oxygen; hypertension
C. asthma; severe diarrhea
D. convulsions; hypertension
E. severe diarrhea; problems with the blood carrying oxygen

7. Arsenic can be found in _____.

A. contaminated fish
B. older house paints
C. crayons
D. pesticides
E. fertilizers

8. While vacationing in the tropics, you note the high number and persistence
of the mosquito population. You are glad that you received your vaccine,
because you know that mosquitoes in this region may carry _____.

A. hepatitis B
B. herpes
C. polio
D. rabies
E. yellow fever