This "Environmental Health Hazards" module has five instructional units. Follow the links above in order.  Each lesson contains study material for one day along with a "Slime Sleuths at Toxic Island" activity.  This game helps you discover how common some environmental health hazards can be.

Hazards Index: an index of common toxic hazards that are explained in the various instructional units including the other online curriculum modules outside of the Toxic or Not module.

(Teachers should visit the "Teacher's Pages" before beginning any of the Toxic or Not? instructional units)

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This module focuses on our surroundings and the hazards present in everyday life.  The environment is defined and broken into components, and the hazards present in our environment are discussed in terms of means of exposure.

Each instructional unit includes...

"Introduction" - introduces each of our modules, explaining the focus of each lesson.

"Pre-test" - where you tell us what you know before the lesson begins!

"Lesson" - presents all the facts, figures, and examples for the unit.

"Activity" - includes interactive cases to solve! (Slime Sleuths at Toxic Island)

"Post-test" - helps to assess what you have learned from the unit.

"Teacher's Notes" - includes information about science standards and hints about using the modules in your classroom!