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TEKS for the Middle School Science

How the TEKS are Integrated into the Lesson

(7.11) The student knows that the responses of organisms are caused by internal or external stimuli.

Throughout the entire lesson, students will analyze changes in organisms such as fever or vomiting that may result from internal or external stimuli.

(8.5) The student knows that relationship exists between science and technology.

Through the Activity, students will identify a problem and propose a solution.

(8.11) The student knows that traits of species can change through generations and that instructions for traits are contained in the genetic material of organisms.

Through the section on Metals and Chemicals, students will identify that changes in environmental conditions like contamination of the air or water may cause mutations such as cancer.

TEKS for Middle School Technology (Grades 6-8)

How the TEKS are Integrated into the lesson


    The student demonstrates knowledge and appropriate use of hardware components, software programs, and their connections.

Throughout the lesson, students will use terminology including, but not limited to, World Wide Web (WWW), link, Internet, Uniform Resources Locators (URLs), and web page.


The student uses data input skills appropriate to the task.

Students will demonstrate proficient use of the mouse and keyboard, as they navigate through the lesson and related web pages


    The student complies with the laws and examines the issues regarding the use of technology in society.

While following links on the Internet and using the World Wide Web (WWW), the student will demonstrate proper etiquette and knowledge of acceptable computer use in the classroom or lab.

Solving Problems

    The student uses research skills and electronic communication, with appropriate supervision, to create new knowledge.

During the Activity, students will use technology in self-directed activities by sharing products for defined audiences.