Global Warming, continued

Why Are These Gases Becoming Dangerous to the Earth?

Greenhouse gases have been increasing and occur in much higher concentrations now before the industrial revolution. Human activity is the most likely reason for the increase.

What are the dangers if greenhouse gases become more concentrated in the atmosphere? How will these changes affect the weather? What about polar ice caps?

Solar panels capture sun energy and turn it into electricityWhat Can Be Done?

Currently, excess greenhouse gases are primarily emitted through the production of power and energy for homes, offices, and automobiles. In the United States about 6.6 tons of greenhouse gases are released for every person living in the U.S., more than in any other country in the world.

Scientists around the world are searching for ways to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. The use of pollution-free energy is beginning to rise. For example, solar power is harvested in many places to provide electricity for homes and offices.  Wind is also becoming an economical source of energy.

You and your family can help too!

Some of the ways to help reduce global warming are:

  1. Reduce the amount of time you spend in a car in order to burn less fossil fuels.
  2. Recycle your goods to help conserve energy by not producing more goods than are necessary.
  3. Consider ways in which you could use solar or wind power.
Huge windmills convert wind energy to electricity
Texas wind-mill energy farm. 

Source: Texas Energy Conservation Office

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