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Activity #5

The purpose of this activity is to understand the concept of how bacteria have evolved a resistance to antibiotics.
Experiment #1
  • One sterile agar plate labeled with letter A (for antibiotic added)
  • One sterile agar plate without writing on it (antibiotic free plate)
  • Objects of your choice to test for the presence of microorganisms: a penny, keys, pens, etc.
  • Q-tips (to get bacteria from teeth, sandwiches, fruit juice, etc.)
  • toothpicks
  • markers for labeling

Experiment #2

  • One sterile agar plate
  • A culture of Escherichia coli bacteria
  • A sterile swab
  • One tetracycline antibiotic disc
  • One penicillinG antibiotic disc
  • Forceps

Activity #5:  Antibiotic Resistance



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