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Activity 1

A global warming experiment to test if sea levels will rise if polar ice caps melt

Activity 2

How environmentally savvy are you? Play this game to find out if the things your family buys are helping or hurting the environment.

Activity 3

Local environmental problem

Learn about problems reported by other kids at a national Web site.


Activity 4

Write an essay on why we should protect the environment

Activity 5

Do a lab on antibiotic resistance in a culture of E. coli and bacteria from household items.


Activity 6

See the effects of acid rain on growing radish plants.


Activity 7

Learn about the effects of acid rain on manmade statues and monuments


Activity 8

Endangered Species Game

Activity 9

See what happens when humans try to manage something as complex as an ecosystem


Activity 10

Use photography to illustrate society's "throwaway" ethic



Activities from teacher requested resources:

Activity 11

Activities on recycling, pollution, and more.


Activity 12

Activity on erosion and constructive and destructive forces.



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