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Activity 1
This activity will demonstrate how a population of bacteria grows.  Students will manipulate data and use their knowledge of populations to answer questions based on an imaginary bacterial colony, or group of bacteria. Then they will graph the growth this colony. 
Student Q/A response sheet for Activity #1 (right mouse click and select "open in a new window" to open as a MS Word document)

In this module, you learned that some bacteria can grow at alarming rates.  Now, you will track the growth of a single cell for a short period of time.  For this exercise, let’s assume that bacteria divide every 8 minutes, a rate that is sometimes found in the natural environment.  But first, remember how bacteria grow…one cell becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight, etc. 

1.  Start by using the table in the response sheet to track the progress of the bacterial colony over two hours, or 120 minutes.  Remember these bacteria double every 8 minutes!

2.  Use the data accumulated in your response sheet's table to plot the growth on the Q/A Response worksheet.

3.  Next, use the graph and your knowledge of ecology to answer the questions on the Q/A Response worksheet.


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