Smog continued

World Wide Nature of Smog

Many people think that smog is a problem only for industrialized countries. That is not true. The Mayan Indians in Mexico caused a major smog alert a few years ago when the smoke from their burning fields collected and formed a huge cloud over Texas and nearby states.

A more serious a permanent smog cloud has formed over India and China. This giant brown cloud is 1.8 miles thick. It blocks the sun and reduces ocean evaporation. Devastating droughts are starting to occur in neighboring Pakistan.

Dealing With Smog

Every country has to deal with smog. It is a world wide problem. A United Nations international treaty, called the Kyoto treaty, has been created in which many countries agree to curb their production of smog. The United States has refused to sign this treaty, because our leaders think that the treaty specifically exempts developing countries (such as India and China). 

The United States is reducing its contribution to the world level of smog pollution. Laws and regulations are aimed at reducing sources of smog by advocating:

Click here to see a list of things that you and your family can do to reduce smog.


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