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Hans Krebs    (1900-1981)

Images of German VillagesHans Krebs was born in a medieval town in Northern Germany called Hildesheim, near Hanover (pictures are on the right). Hans lived comfortably as a child, in a large house with a nice back yard and garden. Like most little boys, Hans loved the outdoors, and he spent many hours hiking and cycling through the woods and hills of the beautiful countryside. But Hans also loved books. He even liked to read encyclopedias!

His father was a respected physician - an eye, ear, nose and throat doctor. His father, who also wrote poetry, created a mentally stimulating environment, where reading a wide variety of books was valued. He was also active in German politics, although he opposed the anti-Jewish and anti-democratic policies of Hitler and the Nazis. Hans' father believed that the only hope for Jews in Germany was to abandon their faith and become totally German. Thus, Hans was never instructed in the Jewish teachings. But, in Germany at that time religious instruction was required by the government, and so Hans was exposed to Christian teachings.

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