Levels of Organization Image Map

Activity #4:

This activity allows students to observe the organization of living things with the unaided eye and with the microscope.

pond water, 2 slides, eye dropper, microscope (preferably one per group),
animal tissue (or a pre-made animal tissue slide)
, antibacterial soap for clean-up
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Cell ImageOrganizing What You See
List an animal and a plant that live in your backyard, a park near your home or on your farm. How do they get or make their food? Organize and sequence the steps needed to get or make food. 


Cell ImageObserving the Levels of Organization in a Cell
Put a few drops of pond water on a microscope slide. Draw and describe what you see. Now put a slide of animal tissue under the microscope. Draw and describe what you see. For both slides, describe your observations in terms of levels of organization. Note: you should see more detail in the stained animal tissue-slide. (Click here for a more detailed description of this activity.)

Review of the Assignment

Cell Image1. Discuss your animals and plants with those of other groups or classmates.
2. Compare and contrast how you ordered the levels of organization with how others organized their levels.
3. Compare your microscope drawing with others  in your class.