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Activity #2:

This activity is designed to stimulate student imagination and creativity. In the process, we will discuss those types of structures and functions that are needed to survive. Use the student journal sheet for activity 2 to draw and describe new types of cells, fitting the description below.
Supplies: crayons, markers, drawing paper, poster board
Access the Student Journal for Activity 2
Pretend you are a scientist on Mars. One day, your research team discovers a Martian settlement with creatures you've never seen. You examine them closely and see that they are made up of cells, but not human cells. 4Cell ImageThese creatures have cells with structures very different from human cells even though the cells function in similar ways.

Imagine the kinds of structures the Martian cells might need in order to live and survive. Create drawings of what you think the Martian cell structures would look like. Be sure to label the Martian organelles (differently from human cells) and describe how each part of the Martian cell helps it to survive. See if you can think of ways that several different cells might work together to accomplish the same results as your human cells.

Give your organism a scientific name. Share your organism with the class. Have several students work together to produce different levels of organization within an alien organism.

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