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Lists for workshop

Workshop Location/Date # Teachers
Amarillo on June 28, 2012 42
Amarillo on June 29, 2012 18
College Station on June 6, 2012 33
College Station on June 7, 2012 34
College Station on June 8, 2012 37
Midland on June 25, 2012 42
Midland on June 26, 2012 16
San Antonio on July 2, 2012 19
San Antonio on July 3, 2012 30

Amarillo on June 28, 2012
# District School Name Subject Grade FirstName LastName
1 Arlington Classics Academy Arlington Classics Academy Sci_ 6th, D'ann Sullivan
2 Amarillo Austin MS Sci_ 7th, Brent Barnett
3 Wichita Falls Rider Sci_Ag_ 9th10thOther Kristi Chambliss
4 Silverton Silverton Sci_ 6th,7th, Kurby Mitchell
5 Lazbuddie Lazbuddie Sci_ 6th,7th,8th,9th10thOther Debbie Weir
6 Sunray Sunray high school Sci_Other 9th10thOther Leanne Holloway
7 Childress Childress Elementary School Sci_Health_Other Other Sarah Mills
8 Bushland Bushland ms Sci_ 7th, Kiersten Diamond
9 Holy Cross Holy Cross Catholic Academy Sci_ 6th,7th,8th,9th10th Cassy Summerlin
10 Farwell Farwell Jr. High Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Dale Arnold
11 Dimmitt Dimmitt High School Sci_ 9th10thOther Cinnamon Bradley
12 Bushland Bushland MS Sci_ 7th, Kiersten Diamond
13 River Road Willow Vista Intermed Sci_ Other Kim Bast
14 Amarillo Palo Duro High School Sci_ Other Karoline Morris
15 Panhandle Panhandle HS Sci_ 10th Jon Murphy
16 Lefors Lefors Elementary Sci_SS_Math_ Other Sarah Gattis-Tucker
17 Friona Friona Junior High Sci_ 8th, Heather Stowers
18 Wellington Wellington High School Sci_ 10thOther Pam Hill
19 Sunray Sunray Elementary School Math_ Other Whitney McDonald
20 Sunray Sunray High School Sci_Other 9th10thOther Sharon Moore
21 Canyon Greenways Intermediate Sci_SS_ Other Terri Wilson
22 Canyon Westoverpark J. H. Sci_ 7th, Derrel Price
23 Canyon Greenways intermediate Sci_ Other Iris Atchison
24 Wellington Wellington Jr High Sci_Health_ 6th,8th, Jeff Anderson
25 Canyon Randall High School Sci_ 10thOther Sherry Mercer
26 Sanford-Fritch Sanford-Fritch Junior High Sci_ 6th,7th, Amber Parkhurst
27 Canyon Westover Park Jr. High Sci_ 7th,8th, Marylin Winders
28 Sunray Sunray Other 7th,8th,9th10th Denise Everett
29 River Road Middle School Sci_ 7th, Delores Story
30 Spring Creek Spring Creek Elementary Sci_Health_SS_Math_Other Other Glenna Swanson
31 Highland Park adsf Sci_ 9th10th Becky Gaffney
32 Claude adf Sci_ 9th10th Matthew Green
33 Wellington asdf Sci_ Other Mitzie Killian
34 Canyon asdfadsf Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Michelle Merkel
35 Childress adsf Sci_ Other Scott Mills
36 Grandview-Hopkins adsf Sci_ Other Mary Parsley
37 Highland Park adf Sci_ Other Darla Ritch
38 Plemons-Stinett-Phillips adsf Sci_ 9th10th Brandon Snider
39 Farwell asdf Sci_Other 6th,7th,8th, Susan Southerland
40 Hedley adsf Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Patrice Wood
41 Borger Borger HS Sci_Ag_ 9th10thOther Sarah Pronger
42 White Deer White Deer High School Sci_ 9th10thOther David Smiley

Amarillo on June 29, 2012
# District School Name Subject Grade FirstName LastName
1 Randall Randall isd Ag_ Other Curtis Hoover
2 Iowa Park Iowa Park High Ag_ 9th10th Wendy Meadows
3 Wichita Falls Rider Ag_ 9th10th Kristi Chambliss
4 Highland Park Middle school Sci_Other 7th, Lori Woolf
5 Vega Vega elementary Sci_ Other Jan Ayres
6 Highland Park Highland Park Sci_ Other Dee Anna Carrasco
7 Henrietta Henrietta high school Ag_ 9th10thOther Eduardo Cordero
8 Amarillo AACAL Ag_ 9th10thOther Jackie Brazille`
9 Amarillo AACAL Sci_Ag_ 9th10th Ronda Jones
10 Shamrock Shamrock High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Jason Adkins
11 White Deer White Deer HS Ag_ 9th10thOther Donnie W. Reed
12 Clayton Municipal Schools Clayton High Schol Ag_ 8th,9th10thOther Mike Barnes
13 Happy Happy Ag_ 9th10thOther Robert Bow
14 Booker Booker high school Ag_ 9th10thOther Scott Miller
15 Plemons Stinnett Phillips West Texas High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Brandon Snider
16 River Road River Road Intermed Sci_ 6th, Suanne Hardie
17 Tulia adsf Ag_ 9th10th Wayne Sales
18 Canadian Canadian HS Ag_ 8th,9th10thOther Tonny Hamby

College Station on June 6, 2012
# District School Name Subject Grade FirstName LastName
1 Lipan Lipan Sci_SS_Math_Other Other Nanci Holtsford
2 Lipan Lipan High School Sci_ 9th10thOther Anita Brian
3 Houston Juan Seguin Sci_SS_Math_ Other Rhonda Robinson
4 Houston Seguin Elementary Sci_Health_SS_Math_Other Other Alethea Burris
5 Houston Juan Seguin Sci_Health_SS_Math_Other Other Jacquelyn Franklin
6 Humble Woodcreek Middle School Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Ashleigh Fontenot
7 Houston Paul Revere Middle Schocol Sci_ 7th, Cathi Jack
8 Private School First Baptist School - Caldwell Sci_Health_Math_Other 6th,7th,8th, Arlene Perry
9 Richardson Westwood Junior High Sci_Health_ 7th,8th, Elizabeth Freeman
10 Houston Seguin Sci_Math_ Other Maria Bocanegra
11 Houston Johnston Middle School Sci_ 6th, Carla Stutts
12 Mesquite Wilkinson MS Sci_SS_ 6th, Megan Thompson
13 Cypress Fairbanks Spillane Middle School Sci_ 6th, Vivian Powers
14 Cypress Fairbanks Cy-Ranch HS Sci_ 10thOther Justin Powers
15 Aldine Assumption Catholic Sci_SS_Math_Other Other Carmen Addis
16 Houston Johnston Middle School Sci_ 6th,7th, Mitzi Levine
17 Caldwell Caldwell Elementary Sci_Health_SS_Math_ Other Penny Simmang
18 Bryan Sam rayburn Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Mary Adamek
19 Splendora Peach Creek Elementary Sci_Math_ Other Sandra Aborn
20 Caldwell Caldwell Elementary Other Other Lori Kazmir
21 Fort Bend Lake Olympia MS Sci_ 6th,7th, Elizabeth Howe
22 Caldwell Caldwell Elementary Sci_Health_SS_Math_ Other Miranda Summers
23 Splendora Piney Woods Elementary Sci_SS_ Other Bay Rollins
24 Stafford Stafford High Sci_Math_ 9th10th Albert Randall
25 Conroe Mitchell Sci_Health_ 6th, Lori Lebouef
26 Melissa Melissa Middle School Sci_ 8th, Kara Dietz
27 Splendora Peach creek elementary Sci_SS_Math_ Other Tracy Stephens
28 Waller Waller High School Sci_ 10thOther Brandina Wells
29 Richardson Westwood Junior High Sci_ 8th, Heather Hall
30 Aldine Drew Academy Other 7th,8th, Karen Thomas
31 Waller Schultz Junior High Sci_ 6th, Danica Kenjura
32 Cleveland Cleveland Middle School Sci_ 7th, Diane Sparks
33 Mumford Mumford Middle School Sci_SS_ 6th,7th, Jennifer Smart

College Station on June 7, 2012
# District School Name Subject Grade FirstName LastName
1 Cypress Fairbanks Cypress Creek High School Sci_ 10th Crista Force
2 Hutto Farley MS Sci_ 7th, Alex Swick
3 Liberty Hill Liberty Hill Intermediate Sci_Math_ 6th, Lisa Truax
4 Cypress Fairbanks Cypress Creek HS Sci_ 9th10thOther Anita Marshall
5 Chilton Chilton High School Sci_ 7th,8th, Tucker Donohoe
6 Brenham Brenham junior high school Sci_ 7th, Vicki Jordan
7 Onalaska Onalaska Jr/ Sr High Sci_ 7th,8th, Tommy Plunkett
8 Liberty Hill Liberty Hill Jr. High Sci_Ag_ 7th, Jesse Truax
9 Cypress Fairbanks Goodson Middle School Sci_ 7th, Shelley Seckers
10 Onalaska Onalaska Elementary Sci_SS_Math_ Other Marcella Plunkett
11 Brenham Brenham jr. high Sci_ 8th, Allison Bentke
12 Houston Hartman ms Sci_ 6th, Adam Halperin
13 Liberty Hill Liberty Hill Intermediate Sci_Math_ 6th, Charla Schooler
14 Burnet RJ Richey Sci_ 6th, Koby Schooler
15 Katy West Memorial Junior High Sci_ 7th, Karen Attaway
16 Liberty Hill Liberty Hill Intermediate Sci_ 6th, Kathrine Townes
17 Liberty Hill Liberty hill intermediate Sci_Math_ 6th, Amanda Hosman
18 Katy West Memorial J.H. Sci_ 7th, Israel Tristan
19 Cypress Fairbanks Goodson Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Janice Toler
20 Cypress Fairbanks Hopper Middle School Sci_ 7th, Mary Mendel
21 Cypress Fairbanks Goodson MS Sci_ 7th, Kelly Ford
22 Belton Belton Sci_ 9th Jennifer Marburger
23 Cypress Fairbanks Goodson Middle School Sci_ 6th, Donna Christy
24 Belton Lake Belton Sci_ 6th, Mona Butler
25 Houston Human resources Sci_ 6th, Saquib Ahmed
26 Iman Academy Iman academy Sci_ 6th, Dalia Ahmed
27 Cypress Fairbanks Hopper Middle School Sci_ 7th, Rebecca Thomas
28 Conroe Conroe HS Sci_ Other Rodelio Abuan
29 Conroe Hauke Alt. High School Sci_Math_ 9th10thOther Kathy Olson
30 Brenham Brenham High School Sci_Math_Other Other Art Wammel
31 Franklin Franklin Middle School Health_Other 6th,7th,8th, Joseph Hedrick
32 Humble Humble Middle School Sci_ 8th, Tedisha Jack
33 Brenham Brenham High School Sci_ 9th10th Melissa Silvey
34 Belton Belton MS Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Glenda Johnson

College Station on June 8, 2012
# District School Name Subject Grade FirstName LastName
1 Round Rock Stony Point Ag_ 9th10thOther Becca D'Andrea
2 Bastrop Cedar Creek High School Ag_Other 9th10thOther Amanda Brantley
3 Jarrell Jarrell High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Shanda Bizzell
4 Round Rock McNeil High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Larry Vinklarek
5 Klein Klein Collins High School Ag_ 10thOther Kelly Maas
6 Danbury Danbury High Shcool Sci_Ag_Other 8th,9th10thOther Terri Adams
7 Cypress Fairbanks Langham Creek H S Ag_ 9th10thOther Debra Hargrave
8 Ingram Ingram Tom Moore Ag_Other 8th,9th10thOther Samantha Ashley
9 Palacios Palacios High School Ag_ 7th,8th,9th10th Bradley Steffek
10 Chireno Chireno High School Ag_ 9th10th Josie Nichols
11 Clear Creek Clear falls high school Ag_ 9th10thOther Joe Dickson
12 Spring Dekaney High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Tatiana Richards
13 East Central East Central High Schoo Ag_ 9th10thOther Lorie Kempen
14 Ferris Ferris High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Tracy Krueger
15 East Central East Central High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Danny Kempen
16 Lampasas Lampasas high school Ag_ 9th10thOther Ricky Prescott
17 Friendswood Friendswood high school Ag_ 9th10thOther Trevor Reifel
18 Conroe Caney creek hs Ag_ 9th10thOther Micael McManners
19 Aldine MacArthur High School Ag_ 10thOther Sarah Fish
20 Conroe Caney creek Sci_Ag_ 9th10thOther Kristen Aleksick
21 Wills Point Wills point high school Ag_ 9th10thOther Cheryl Kinney
22 Aldine Nimitz 9th and High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Richard Ruscher
23 Danbury Danbury High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Mitch Robinson
24 Georgetown Georgetown High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Paul Boff
25 Aldine Eisenhower Ag_ 9th10th Andra Collins-Johnson
26 Liberty Hill Liberty Hill HS Ag_ 9th10th Mike Rempe
27 Wylie Wylie East High Ag_ 9th10thOther Teresa Dudley
28 Thorndale High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Robert Steglich
29 Robinson Robinson Ag_ Other Mark Rose
30 Eula Eula high school Ag_ 9th10thOther Tony Thompson
31 Tarkington tarkington high school Sci_ 9th Jason Anderson
32 Alvin Manvel high school Ag_ 9th10thOther Kim New
33 Temple Temple High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Katy Henry
34 Whitehouse Whitehouse High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Rebecca Carter
35 Klein Klein Collins Ag_ 9th10thOther Melanie Ressler
36 College Station A&m consolidated Ag_ 9th10thOther Leslie Stanton
37 Klein Klein high Ag_ 10thOther Rod Brinkman

Midland on June 25, 2012
# District School Name Subject Grade FirstName LastName
1 Seminole Seminole Elementary Sci_Health_SS_Math_ Other Charla Karr
2 Ector County Ector Junior High Sci_ 7th, Diana Keese
3 Ector Ector Junior High Sci_ 9th Maria Lopez
4 Big Spring Big Spring Jr. High Sci_SS_ 6th, Patsy Sanchez
5 Fort Stockton Fort Stockton Other Other Marlane Burns
6 Fort Stockton Fort Stockton Middle School Sci_ 7th, Chris Gonzales
7 Fort Stockton Fort Stockton Middle School Sci_ 6th, Adan Dominguez
8 Forsan Forsan Jr High Sci_ 6th,9th Pam Steel
9 Ector County Ector Junior High Sci_ 8th, Jason McDonald
10 Midland Lee High School Sci_Health_ Other Chris Bryant
11 Midland Lee High School Sci_ 10thOther Lathrice Davis
12 Ector County Crockett Junior High Sci_ 7th, Aide Emiliano
13 Midland Lee High School Sci_ 10th Jody Miller-Jones
14 Midland Lee High School Sci_ 9th10thOther Taylor Hudgins
15 Midland Midland High School Sci_ 10thOther Paul Lara
16 Ector County Bowie Junior High School Sci_ 7th, Bennie Carter
17 Ector County Bowie Junior High Sci_ 10th Ronald LeMoine
18 Ector County Bowie Jr. High Sci_ 8th, George Haynes
19 Midland San Jacinto Junior High Sci_ 8th, Misty Wright
20 Big Spring Big Spring Jr. High Sci_ 6th, Gloria Martinez
21 Midland Goddard Jr. High Sci_ 7th,8th, Amy Long
22 Midland San Jacinto Sci_ 7th, Mary Kelleher
23 Monahans-Wickett-Pyote Walker Junior High Sci_ 7th,8th, Amanda Golson
24 Midland Goddard Junior High School Sci_ 8th, David Sites
25 Midland Goddard Sci_ 7th, Nikki McCurry
26 Midland Midland high school Sci_ 10th Karen Dirks
27 Other Midland christian school Sci_Other 9th10thOther Marcia Neimeyer
28 Pecos Barstow Toyah Crockett Middle School Sci_ 7th,8th, Maureen Richards
29 Fort Davis Ft. Davis JR/SR High Sci_ 7th,8th, Camille Doss
30 Midland Christian School Midland christian school Health_ 8th,9th10th Paula Gower
31 Coahoma Robert Ethridge Jr. High Sci_ 7th, Charla Walker
32 Coahoma Coahama Sci_ 7th,8th, Kaye Barr
33 Midland Lee Senior High Sci_ 10thOther Mandy Hacker
34 Midland HENDERSON ELEM Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Michelle Brown
35 Kermit KERMIT JR H Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Angela Golson
36 Grady GRADY SCHOOL Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Christopher Kuykendall
37 Midland Academy Charter MID. ACADEMY Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Andra Lancaster
38 Midland GODDARD J H Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Kristen Stevenson
39 Midland adsf Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Lyndi Cypher
40 Midland Christian adsf Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Jena McClaine
41 Ft. Stockton adf Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Dawn Ramirez
42 Midland adsf Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Lena Thompson

Midland on June 26, 2012
# District School Name Subject Grade FirstName LastName
1 Midland Midland High School Ag_ 10thOther Kristy Matthies
2 Fort Stockton Ft. Stockton High School Ag_ 7th,8th,9th10thOther Jessica Campbell
3 Ceres Unified School District Central valley High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Brian Mortensen
4 Ceres Unified School District Central Valley High School Sci_Ag_ 9th10th Jessie Bishop
5 Loraine Loraine Ag_ 7th,8th,9th10thOther Duffy Galloway
6 Colorado Colorado High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Robin Senter
7 Andrews Andrews High School Sci_ 9th10thOther Vickie Gardner
8 Midland Christian adsf Ag_ 9th10th Marcia Neimeyer
9 Midland GODDARD J H Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Amy Long
10 Midland Henderson elem Sci_Other Other Michelle Brown
11 Midland MIDLAND FRESHMAN Sci_Ag_ 6th,7th,8th,9th10th Deb Bortz
12 Andrews asdf Sci_Ag_ 6th,7th,8th,9th10th Rick Day
13 Midland adsf Sci_Ag_ 6th,7th,8th,9th10th Stephanie Espinoza
14 Region 18 esc asdf Sci_Ag_ 6th,7th,8th,9th10th Mary Livingston
15 Ft. Davis adsf Sci_Ag_ 6th,7th,8th,9th10th Cody Womack
16 Abernathy asdf Sci_Ag_ 6th,7th,8th,9th10th Jason Miller

San Antonio on July 2, 2012
# District School Name Subject Grade FirstName LastName
1 Killeen Ellison Ag_ 9th10thOther Eylisia Huckabee
2 Killeen Ellison Ag_ 9th10thOther Sarah Crawford
3 Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Samuel Clemens HS Ag_ 9th10thOther Amanda Holman
4 Jonesboro Jonesboro High School Ag_ 8th,9th10thOther James Horton
5 Yoakum Yoakum High School Sci_Ag_ 6th,7th,8th, Allan Wyatt
6 Cypress Fairbanks Cy-Fair HS Ag_ 9th10thOther Michele Rumfield
7 Devine Devine H.S. Ag_Other 9th10thOther Chad Saunders
8 Beeville AC Jones High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Robbin Follett
9 Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Byron P Steele HS Ag_ 9th10thOther Melissa Gossett
10 Carthage Carthage high Ag_ 9th10thOther Mark Davis
11 San Antonio Burbank Ag_ 9th10thOther Gerard Silva
12 Angleton angleton Ag_ 10thOther Traylor Lenz
13 Bandera Bandera High School Ag_ 9th10thOther Michael Derry
14 Leander Rouse Ag_ 9th10thOther Beverley Schroedtter
15 Leander Vandegrift HS Ag_ 9th10thOther Erica Hunt
16 Progreso Progreso High Ag_ 8th,9th10th Gary Dominguez
17 McAllen Mcallen high school Ag_ 9th10th Ricardo Leal
18 San Saba San saba high school Ag_ 10thOther Shaina Seabourn
19 Judson Judson high school Ag_ 9th10thOther Lauren Philpot

San Antonio on July 3, 2012
# District School Name Subject Grade FirstName LastName
1 Texas State University School of Education Sci_SS_ Other Jennifer Dennis
2 Northside Stevenson Middle School Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Cynthia Scott
3 Kingsville H.M.King Math_Other 9th10th Ysabel Gonzalez
4 Temple Temple High School Sci_Math_ 9th10thOther Lee Coker
5 North East Krueger Middle Sci_ 7th,8th, Sandy Valdez
6 Corpus Christi Kaffie Middle School Sci_ 8th, Mary Trevino
7 Northside Coke Stevenson Middle School Sci_ 8th, Eliza Ramirez
8 Richardson Westwood Junior High Sci_Math_ 7th,8th, Zoe Vilicic
9 Angleton Frontier Elementary Health_ Other Ronnie Perkins
10 School of Science & Tech SST-Alamo Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Norma Medina
11 Cypress Fairbanks Arnold MS Sci_ 7th, Hannah Perez
12 Spring Wells Middle School Other 6th,7th,8th, Marie Fischer
13 North East Krueger Middle School Sci_ 8th, Kassandra Kaiser
14 North East Krueger MS Sci_ 6th, Sabine Haschke
15 Galveston Crenshaw Sci_Other 6th,7th,8th,9th Jessie Minter
16 Vidor Vidor Junior High Sci_ 7th, Pamela Burris
17 Livingston Livingston Junior High School Sci_ 6th, Victoria Morrison
18 Northside Jefferson Middle School Sci_ 7th, Diane Sarvis
19 North East Eisenhower Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Molly John
20 Pharr San Luan Alamo Central Office Sci_ 6th,7th,8th,9th10th Gina Saenz
21 North East Krueger middle school Sci_ 6th,7th,8th, Meggan Partain
22 San Antonio Franklin Sci_SS_Math_ Other Amanda Hammes
23 Cornerstone Cornerstone Elementary Sci_SS_Math_ Other Dabs Hollimon
24 East Central Legacy Math_ 8th, Bridgit Buck
25 East Central East Central High School Sci_ 9th10th Patricia Recker
26 Lackland Stacey Jr./Sr. High School Sci_ 8th,9th10th Brett White
27 South San Antonio Frank Madla Elementary Sci_ Other Raul Ramirez
28 Lytle Lytle junior high school Sci_ 6th, Nancy Breit
29 Northside Hobby middle school Sci_ 7th,8th, Timothy Skogg
30 North East West Sci_ Other Bruce Harris


The PEER Program is composed of three grants entitled "GK-12 Fellows Integrate Science/Math in Rural Middle Schools", "Integrating Environmental Health Science in Rural Schools," and a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) entitled "Science Promotion in Rural Middle Schools".

Major funding for the PEER Program is provided by the
National Science Foundation, the
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences,
National Institute of General Medical Sciences, and the National Institutes of Health.