Integrative Workshops
Veterinary and Science Partnership Lessons for Teachers

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Clinical Trials
Application of Scientific Method through Clinical Trials
Data Analysis through Clinical Trials
Video: Presentation on Inquiry
Animal Research
Use of Animals in Research and Education
Non-Human Primates in Research
Video: Veterinary Presentation on Animal Research
The Endocrine System and Hormones
How the Body Obtains and Uses Energy
Video: Veterinary Presentation on Diabetes
Heart Disease
Heart Function
Heart Disease
Video: Veterinary Presentation on the Heart
Nutrition and Growth
Nutrition, Growth and Lifespan
Structure and Function of the Digestive System
Exercise and Nutrition
Video: Veterinary Presentation on Nutrition and Obesity
Vaccination - Infectious Diseases
Structure and Function of the Immune System
Classification of Living Organisms Including Infectious Agents
Classifying & Understanding Interactions of Infectious Diseases
Scientific Inquiry, Problem Solving through Rabies
Video: Veterinary Presentation on Vaccinations
Animal Behavior
Adaptation Island
Brain Function
Human Behavior
Learning and Memory
Video: Veterinary Presentation on Behavior
Parasite Host Relationships
Video: Veterinary Presentation on Parasites
Effect of Exercise on Bone Structure
Effect of Nutrition on Bone Structure and Function
Orthopedics Experiment Design
Video: Veterinary Presentation on Orthopedics
Physical Exam
Application of the Scientific Method through Physical Exam
Sound, Waves, and Electromagnetic Spectrum
Temperature, Heat and Thermal Energy
Video: Veterinary Presentation on Physical Exam
Arthritis and the Joints
Video: Veterinary Presentation on Arthritis
Neutering Farm Animals
Reproductive Hormones
Video: Veterinary Presentation on Neutering
Dental Health
Animal Teeth
Bacteria and Dental Health
FDA Role in Medicine Safety and Use
Video: Veterinary Presentation on Dental Health

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