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FFA Invitational Clinic - 2015
FFA Veterinary Science Clinic                               Register at
  Date:   April 7, 2017  

View and Download the
FFA State Veterinary
Science Study Materials

  Time: Registration begins at 7:30 AM
and 12:30 PM
  Location:  Room 201 VMS, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  This clinic will NOT be in a competition format and will include hands-on learning activities for all participants.
  Student Drop Off Location:  Entrance to the Veterinary Teaching Building (see maps below)
  Driving Directions to the Vet School:    
    Arriving into town on State Hwy 6, turn west on University Drive and proceed ~ 4.1 miles to the intersection of University Dr. and Agronomy Rd (you will pass under a railroad track just before arriving at the intersection of University and Agronomy Rd). Continue traveling west through the intersection, and take the first entrance to the right into Parking Lot 38 and then turn left once you enter the parking area where you will drop off students.
    It may be possible for some to park in Parking Lot 36 (located on Agronomy Rd. directly behind the vet school).
  Directions to the Check-In Table (Room 201):  
    At the drop-off point, students will be directed by attendants to Room 201 of the VMS Building.
      Register at    

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