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Title: Weather, Climate, and Atmosphere - Oh Sky!
Description: This lesson introduces students to the idea of weather and the role of the atmosphere in controlling weather patterns and circulation. The multitude of activities allows students to create and manipulate different aspects of weather and to examine how their manipulations impact the air, land, and oceans. 
Key Words: weather, atmosphere, atmospheric gases, clouds, hot air balloons 
Grade Level: 6th 
Subject: Science 
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Teacher's Request: I need some help with my 'weather' unit. Last year I actually bored myself! The TEK is 14) Science concepts. The student knows the structures and functions of Earth systems. The student is expected to: describe components of the atmosphere, including oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor, and identify the role of atmospheric movement in weather change. Besides looking at weather maps, what are some interesting, hands-on things the KIDS can do??????

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