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Tutís Revenge

Lesson Plan,

Social Studies 2

A Day in the Life of an Ancient Egyptian



  • Learn about social structure in ancient Egypt.
  • Learn how social structure affected the way ancient Egyptians lived.
  • Learn the role that each person played as a member of ancient Egyptian society.


Lesson Overview

This lesson plan should take about 3 class periods.  The teacher should first go through the Social Studies 2 Power Point  with the class.  This includes 13 slides that review the lives of ancient and modern Egyptians living in Luxor, Egypt.  Students will then begin the activity with the worksheet and the accompanying handout.  The handout explains what life might have been like in ancient Egypt for specific classes of people. Students will explore the daily activities of ancient Egyptians that are specific to a social class, and compare daily activities with Egyptians of other social classes.



  • Handout 1: Ancient Egyptian Social Structure
  • Handout 2: Working Class
  • Handout 3: Skilled Workers
  • Handout 4: Nobility Class
  • Handout 5:Egyptian Royal Class
  • A Typical Day in Ancient Egypt




Students will be put into groups and assigned the Egyptian social status of worker, skilled worker, nobleman, or royalty. Students will trace a body outline of one of their group members on a long sheet of butcher paper and draw that member of their designated social class according to what he or she should look like. Finally students will make a list of daily activities that are general for all ancient Egyptians and specific to that particular person.


  • long butcher paper
  • markers
Download this MiniModule Download this Whole Social Studies Set