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Texas,  1867

Lesson Plan, English 2

Similes and Metaphors



         Identify and properly use similes and metaphors in written works.

         Be able to create written works using similes and metaphors.

         Use visual aids to represent similes and metaphors.

         Be able to work with in a group to explain ideas and drawings.


Lesson Overview

This lesson should take two to three class periods. The teacher should lead students through the 1867 PowerPoint slides and have them participate in the drawing and journal entry activities included.  After running through the PowerPoint, students will be divided into groups where they will participate in the Similes and Metaphors Activity.  This activity will have students reviewing each otherís work using the Simile and Metaphor Worksheet.  They will create pictures to support their group memberís entry and participate in guessing similes and metaphors that describe the picture and that are included in the entries. 



         Simile and Metaphor Worksheet

         Review Worksheet




Students will be divided into groups to review each otherís journal entries.  Once they have reviewed them with the Simile and Metaphor Worksheet, each student will create a picture that can be described using similes and metaphors.  Once each student has finished drawing, the group will guess what the picture is representing- the guesses will only be formed as similes and metaphors.  Finally each student will review what they have learned using the Review Worksheet to identify similes and metaphors.



  • Markers, crayons, map pencils
  • Paper
Download this MiniModule Download this Whole English Set