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March Madness

Lesson Plan, Science 3

Bacteria and Viruses


  • Be able to distinguish between bacteria and viruses
  • Identify a number of common diseases as either bacterial or viral.


Lesson Overview

This lesson plan should take 1 to 2 class periods.

The Science 3 Power Point presentation should be shown first.  It should take about one class period.  Next, from information in the power point presentation and using additional information from other resources such as the internet, students will fill out the Venn Diagram handout with the differences and similarities of bacteria and viruses.  After this, students will work individually or in pairs to research different diseases indicated on the Science 3 Worksheet to find the common symptoms and whether they are caused by a bacteria or a virus.  The activity portion of this lesson plan should take only one class period. . 



  • Science 3 Worksheet
  • Venn Diagram Handout




In this activity, students will use a Venn diagram to demonstrate the differences between bacteria and viruses.  Students will then examine a number of diseases and their symptoms and determine whether they are caused by bacterial or viral infection.


        Internet Access

Download this MiniModule Download this Whole Science Set