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March Madness

Activity Plan, Science 3

Bacteria and Viruses


Lesson Summary: In this activity, students will use the information they learned in the Science 3 Power Point presentation to complete a Venn diagram that demonstrates the differences between bacteria and viruses.  Students will then examine a number of diseases, their symptoms, and their treatments to determine whether they are caused by bacterial or viral infection.

Subject: Science: Life Science


Grade Level:

  • Target Grade: 7 
  • Upper Bound: 8
  • Lower Bound: 6


Time Required: One class period.


  • Internet access
  • Science 3 Worksheet 1
  • Science 3 Worksheet 2

Lesson Plan:

  • First distribute the Bacteria vs. Viruses Venn Diagram.  Students may use the internet and what they learned from the Science 3 Power Point presentation to fill in the diagram with similarities and differences of bacteria and viruses.  Some helpful websites include:, and

        Students should consider areas such as conditions required for growth, treatment, type of genetic material, average size, shape, function, etc. 

        After the students complete their individual Venn diagrams, a Venn diagram should be filled out as a class by allowing each student to share what they discovered in their research and a group discussion should be held about the differences and similarities of bacteria and viruses.  After completion of the class Venn diagram, students should update their own Venn diagrams so that they coincide with the class diagram.  Students should keep their own Venn diagrams and use them as a study tool. 

        Distribute the Science 3 Worksheet 1.  Students may work alone or in pairs to use any sources available, such as encyclopedias, the internet, the library, etc, to determine whether the diseases listed on the worksheet are caused by bacteria or a virus, and if there are any possible cures/treatments for each disease.   


Assessment: Students are to complete the Science 3 Worksheet.  This worksheet should demonstrate whether or not the student has an understanding of the differences between viruses and bacteria.  The class can also discuss the answers to the last 3 questions of the worksheet to ensure understanding.





7.2 (D) Communicate valid conclusions

7.3 (A) Analyze, review, and critique scientific explanations using evidence


Download this MiniModule Download this Whole Science Set