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Algebra Flashcards Algebra students often have difficulty solving linear equations. Since the entire course relies so heavily on this fundamental concept, these Algebra Flashcards are a great resource to help students practice. The Flashcards may be used for the classic game of Memory, for individual practice, or for use in a bingo game.
Keywords:  Linear Equations, Algebra
ATOMS The lesson and associated activities are designed to introduce students to atoms and get them thinking about how atoms are a part of our daily lives. The students will learn how atoms, matter and molecules all relate to each other. The Atoms BINGO will reinforce the concepts learned throughout the lesson.
Keywords:  Atoms, Proton, Neutron, Electron, Element, Periodic table, Atomic number, Atomic mass, Molecule, Compound, Matter
ATOMS Bingo The purpose of this lesson is for students to learn the names and symbols of different elements on the periodic table. Played just like Bingo, each student will be given a card that has rows and columns of different element symbols. Tested on their knowledge of the names of these elements, the students will have to match the name that is called out with the symbol on the card.
Keywords:  atoms, elements, periodic table
Bingo Math Review This is a review game for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and decimals as well as scientific notation. The lesson is comprised of cards, problems, and an answer sheet.
Keywords:  Fractions, Decimals, Scientific Notation
Cell Bingo This game helps to reinforce the various structures, functions, and process of cells, and would be effective to use in reviewing for a test. Students are given a "bingo" card that contains various parts, functions, and organization levels of the cell. The teacher reads a description of a cell or process and the students must find the correct answer on their score card. The student that obtains "bingo" first, is rewarded your reward of choice.
Keywords:  cell biology, organelle, DNA, RNA
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