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Title: Airsoft & Paintball: The fun, danger, and physics behind combat sports.
Description: This PowerPoint presentation gives an overview of airsoft and paintball gun use, addressing some of the history and physics of both as well as safety issues and possible injuries. 
Key Words: airsoft, paintball, safety, physics, matter, kinetic energy,  
Grade Level: 6th, 7th, 8th 
Subject: Science, Math, Technology 
 AirsoftandPaintball Lesson Plan.doc
 AirsoftandPaintball Worksheet.doc
 AirsoftandPaintball Worksheet (Answer Key).doc

Teacher's Request: Many students in our district are outdoorsmen and participate in sports like fishing and hunting. The kids are also using airsoft guns for fun. I wanted to find some websites, articles, or webquests that would talk about responsibility with these activities; warn of the dangers of misuse of guns (and airsoft guns); talk about the physics behind airsoft guns and why they can be so powerful as a 'toy', etc. I do not know if this fits the topics with which you can help. Thanks for letting me know either way. I appreciate the support from PEER.


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