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Title: Nematodes: We're Everywhere!
Description: In this activity students will play a bingo game using their knowledge gained from the Power Point about nematodes. Each square will contain a word describing a characteristic of the nematode. The teacher will have a list of the descriptions that she will choose randomly out of a container of some sort. The rules of bingo are the same in this game except the squares contain words instead of numbers which is the only difference!  
Key Words: Nematodes, Roundworms, bingo 
Grade Level: 6th, 7th, 8th 
Subject: Science 
 Activity Draft (nemamtode bingo).doc
 final bingo sheets.doc
 LessonActivityPlan Nematodes.doc

Teacher's Request: I am looking for a lesson about Roundworms Body forms Body support Defenses Reproduction Internal Structures and Functions Types(for parasitic plants and animals, decomposers, and predators)


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