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Title: Multiple Bingo/Factor Bingo
Description: Two games are included. Multiple Bingo is a game to practice finding multiples of a number. The game is a version of Bingo. Students randomly place numbers on their boards. The teacher calls out a number and the student can mark off ONE multiple of that number. The first to a bingo wins. Factor Bingo is to practice finding factors of a number. The game is played in similar fashion to Multiple Bingo. 5 files are included: BingoActivityPlan.doc is the activity itself, GameBoards.Doc are the bingo game mats, PracticeWorksheets.Doc are assessment problems, is a set of files that can be used to generate numbers randomly to use in the game. MultipleFactorsResources is an additional set of links that provide alternative solutions for teaching multiples and factors (these are the same links as 2-5 below) 
Key Words: multiples, factors, factor, multiple, game, games 
Grade Level: 6th, 7th 
Subject: Math 

Teacher's Request: I would like an activity for teaching or reinforcing the concepts of multiples and factors, so that students can find factors and multiples of numbers.


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