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Title: Calculating Surface Area Under Pressure!
Description: The primary focus of this lesson is to introduce the basic qualitative concepts and associated mathematical formulation for pressure. The motivation is to introduce the students to a physical application involving the measurement and/or computation of surface area, which is treated as a secondary objective herein. This lesson begins with a short presentation that qualitatively defines pressure through examples, in order to make it more tangible to the students, and then gives the mathematical formulation. There are then two quick computations practicing the use of the pressure formula, followed by two short activities that first require the measurement and computation of surface area in order to calculate either force or pressure given the other. 
Key Words: Pressure, Surface Area 
Grade Level: 7th, 8th 
Subject: Science, Math 
 Pressure Worksheet.doc

Teacher's Request: Presentation/activity for practicing surface area measurements in a creative way.


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