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Title: Density Detective
Description: In this lesson students will learn about density and will play detective to see how this physical property can be used to identify an unknown liquid. Students will be assigned an unknown liquid to investigate. By measuring the mass and volume of the liquid, they can calculate the density. They will then identify their unknown liquid by comparing their experimental density with a table of values of known densities of different liquids.  
Key Words: Density, Physical, Property, Liquid, Unknown, Identify, Mass, Volume 
Grade Level: 8th 
Subject: Science 
 Density Lesson Plan.doc
 Density Detective Worksheet.doc
 Density Detective Worksheet Key.docx
 Density PowerPoint.pptx

Teacher's Request: I would like a lesson and activities which addresses the following science standard: Calculate density to identify an unknown substance (SCI.6.6B).


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